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Cake List

The Village Corner

                                   Bakery, German Restaurant & Tavern

                 6655 James B Rivers Drive, Historic Stone Mountain Village, 30083


                                       770-498-0329 fax 770-498-9863

Cake and Torte list

We create cakes for any occasion; baby showers, birthdays, graduation,

weddingor anniversaries. We love to be apart of any family celebration

with our cakes!

Round & Sheet Cakes

                             Round                                                           Sheet                                      

                8”               10”                     ¼ sheet                     ½ sheet                 Full sheet        

              26.00         38.00                    38.00                         49.00                       90.00

     Fillings      3.00           4.00                     5.00                           10.00                       20.00

Filling types: Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, lemon, pineapple, custard and chocolate chips.

½ Sheet Specialty Cakes

German Chocolate, Gran Mariner, Black Forrest   85.00

Specialty Cakes                                                                            8”       10”

Almond Apricot Torte     Repeated layers starting with white cake, marzipan, apricot filling,

                                         French butter cream and toasted almonds garnished                               -----       45.00                

                                         with marzipan apricots.                              

Amaretto Cream              3 light layers custard filled and drizzled with Amaretto liqueur,

                                         finished with French Butter cream and toasted almonds.                         26.00      38.00

All Butter Bundt               Lemon- Orange, Vanilla, Cranberry-Walnut, or Lemon Poppyseed                              16.95

Pound Cakes                     Soak any with Rum, Grand Marnier, Amaretto or Kahlua                                          30.00

Bailey’s Irish Cream        Alternating layers of two yellow cakes and one chocolate cake                   26.00      38.00

                                         infused with coffee cream liqueur and iced with French

                                         butter cream. Laced with Jimmies around the outside.

Almond Pear Cake         Baked in Layers; Almond pound cake, then cheese cake with fresh

   Sliced pears, topped with butter streusel and Almonds                                                                  26.00       38.00

Black Forest                   Traditional German Cake; Three layers of chocolate cake

                                         with cherry filling and iced with fresh whipped cream.                              26.00       38.00

                                         Available with Kirsch Liqueur add $3 and $5 respectively.      

Carmel Apple Walnut     A country style pound cake loaded with apples and topped with

                                         walnuts and covered with caramel.                                                          10”only 36.00

Chambord Torte              Chocolate cake with raspberry filling with raspberry

                                         Chambord liqueuer and French chocolate butter cream icing                    26.00      38.00

Carrot Cake                    Dense and moist carrot spice cake layered with cream icing,

                                         surrounded by pecans                                                                            26.00      38.00

Cheesecakes                  A wonderful recipe available in 7 flavors: Amaretto,  

                                       Cappuccino, Chocolate, Fresh Fruit (price varies), Raspberry                     26.00      38.00

                                       Swirl with white chocolate shavings, Pumpkin or Oreo.


Plain cheesecake                                                                                                                             23.00     36.00

Many of our cakes can be made as sheet cakes or wedding cakes

Prices subject to change without notice

Fresh Fruit Gateau        Split layer of yellow cake with fruit and custard, topped with

                                     beautifully arranged fruit, whipped cream and almonds.                          10” 40.00

                                     May be ordered with just a single choice of fruit                                      or market            



Granny’s   Apple          A peasant style cake with pound cake, cheesecake and 5                    

        Cake                  fresh granny smith apples nestled in the top.                                                 20.00     32.00

German Chocolate      Chocolate cake filled with our coconut and pecan custard filling,

                                     iced with chocolate butter cream and topped with coconut                         26.00     38.00  

                                    pecan custard

Grand Marnier            4 layers of yellow cake soaked in Grand Marnier liqueur and

Torte                          filled with French butter cream, crushed Grand Marnier wafers,

                                    and topped with a perimeter of Grand Marnier cookies                               25.00     38.00

Hazelnut Torte             4 thin layers of Vienna hazelnut cake, filled with French

                                     butter cream, flavored with Frangelico, and topped with hazelnuts             25.00     38.00

Italian Cream             Yellow cake filled and iced with a special custard cream cheese                      25.00     38.00

                                   Icing, featuring very finally chopped golden raisins.

Kahlua Fudge             3 layers of rich chocolate fudge cake soaked with Kahlua liqueur,                  10”         40.00    

                                   Filled an iced with dark fudge icing.                                                                                

Linzer Torte               A great combinations of dense Hazelnut cake with raspberry filling.               23.00     36.00

                                   We can ship this one!

Mocha Torte             3 alternating layers of yellow and chocolate cake accented with

                                   raspberry, filled and topped with mocha French butter cream and

                                   garnished with chocolate covered espresso beans                                      25.00     38.00

Red Velvet                  3 layers of this traditional Southern moist red cake with cream

                                   cheese filling and icing, garnished with pecan pieces.                                   25.00     38.00

Sacher Torte             A Friese family favorite! 3 layers of chocolate cake with

                                 apricot and marzipan filling, enrobed in chocolate Ganache                            10”        48.00

Flourless                  Dark and Dense, this cake is Gluten free and full of rich dark chocolate

Chocolate Cake                                                                                                                            10”        45.00


Dark Chocolate       One of the most popular in our repertoire that will satisfy even

Mousse                     the greatest chocoholic’s needs. Dense dark chocolate mousse between,

                                 2 layers of chocolate cake, covered with chocolate shavings                         33.00   45.00

White Chocolate       3 layers of sponge cake accented with seedless raspberry

     Mousse                filling and fluffy white chocolate mousse. Iced with white

                                 chocolate mousse and garnished with pieces of white chocolate.                   10”       45.00

Rhapsody                3 layers of Chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked into the layers,

                 Filled with raspberry jam and iced with Swiss vanilla butter cream,

     Finished with more chocolate chips around the bottom.                                  22.00   42.00


Many of our cakes can be made as sheet cakes or wedding cakes

Prices subject to change without notice    

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